Hello Kitty Candy Mold

Hello kitty candy mold. History of wonka candy. Candy girl costumes.

Hello Kitty Candy Mold

    hello kitty

  • is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. The character is a staple of the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. The character is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow.
  • Young refugee from Catatonia.  Was given her own dream castle by Lady Carmen.  Picture of Hello Kitty


  • A sweet food made with sugar or syrup combined with fruit, chocolate, or nuts
  • Sugar crystallized by repeated boiling and slow evaporation
  • a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
  • sugarcoat: coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze
  • (candied) encrusted with sugar or syrup; “candied grapefruit peel”


  • cast: the distinctive form in which a thing is made; “pottery of this cast was found throughout the region”
  • A distinctive and typical style, form, or character
  • container into which liquid is poured to create a given shape when it hardens
  • Something made in this way, esp. a gelatin dessert or a mousse
  • A hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material (such as wax or metal) when it cools and hardens
  • model: form in clay, wax, etc; “model a head with clay”

hello kitty candy mold

hello kitty candy mold – SET OF

SET OF TWO (2) Polymerose 4 Cavity Silicone KITTY Molds
SET OF TWO (2) Polymerose 4 Cavity Silicone KITTY Molds
The best quality cake silicone mold you will find! This baking pan mold will cook evenly, no burnt edges! The silicone cake pan molds offer a perfect release of everything you cook! Use it as a cake pan mold, or as a mini cake pan mold, or as a cupcake pan mold. Excellent also as a muffins pan or as a dessert and jello mold. Recommended use: Jello, desserts, ice cream, popsicles, ice, chocolates, candy, jelly, peanut butter, caramel, etc. Even if the mold is safe to use in the oven, it is not recommended for cakes or cupcakes, because the s the cavity is small and detailed, and the shape fades when the batter rises. Easy to clean and store: Due to its flexibility, it helps you save storage space helps you save storage space. FDA approved.

Hello-Kitty Cupcakes

Hello-Kitty Cupcakes
Confetti cake with Strawberry frosting, and sprinkled with pink sugar, topped with a chocolate Hello-Kitty face (Wilton brand melting chocolate in white, pink, yellow, and dark chocolate) using a Hello-Kitty shaped candy mold.

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Hello Kitty Cupcakes
bought the large hello kitty (made of MM) at party city and the smaller ones at target (lip gloss rings)… coverd both big cupcake and small in whipping top, made the flowers with candy melts and the flower mold